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i always thought it was sad the way we act like strangers
after all that we had, we act like we had never met.

Alexi Murdoch Breathe
Alexi Murdoch

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"Todas las noches, todos los días, a todas horas, te imagino y te siento; te pienso, te hago de nuevo, te olvido. Pero ya quiero tocarte, quiero mirarte, oírte, tocarte, saberte real y mía. Y todo es inútil, todo, todo es inútil."
Jaime Sabines, Los amorosos, cartas a Chepita.  (via unabuenaputajamasseminimiza)

Anna Enola

Set your stress free … Step into liquid by jayalvarrez

The glare of Alpha Centauri, one of the brightest stars in planet Earth’s night sky, floods the left side of this southern skyscape. A mere 4.3 light-years distant, Alpha Centauri actually consists of two component stars similar in size to the Sun, locked in a mutual orbit. Much smaller and cooler, a third member of the same star system, Proxima Centauri, lies outside this field of view. Still, the telescopic scene does reveal often overlooked denizens of the Milky Way’s crowded galactic plane that lie beyond the glare of Alpha Centauri, including a planetary nebula cataloged as Hen 2-111, an estimated 7,800 light-years away.
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"La libertad en la sociedad se puede medir por la distribución de los orgasmos."
Sophia Wallace  (via la-chica-de-adamantium)